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Dr. Frank E. Stranges

Dr.Frank E.Stranges is Founder/President of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs. In addition,he is President of International Evangelism Crusades (a world-wide Christian Denomination) and International Theological Seminary of California. He was born in New York and educated in Brooklyn, Pennsylvania,Minnesota and California. He holds degrees in Theology,Psychology and Criminology.


During the past forty-four years,Dr.Frank Stranges has investigated various facets of the UFO phenomena and has authored many books on the subject. His interest began while he was attending Bible College after hearing his roommate tell of an experience during the War. He was told that the squadron in which his roommate was flying was buzzed by several UFOs and during the "debriefing",the pilots were told they had seen nothing unusual. After confirming the story personal with the other members of the flight team, Dr.Stranges began his serious inquiry into this fascinating subject of UFOs.


Dr.Stranges is an Assistant Deputy Director of the California State Marshal's Association and a Chaplain of the American Federation of Police. Numerous affiliations with law enforcement,scientific,religious and public service organizations attest to his dedication to Community Service. His University and College presentations are recognized as an important contribution to the understanding of the truth about the UFO phenomena today.

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