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Adventures in the Supernormal
Eileen Garrett

ABOUT THE BOOK: As an anniversary tribute, Eileen Garrett’s early autobiography Adventures in the Supernormal has been published in its entirety, with the addition of remembrances from those who actually knew this complex and utterly fascinating individual. The renowned medium, author and entrepreneur recounts how her powerful psychical gifts steered the course of her life and touched the lives of many others, both famous and obscure. First published in 1949, this latest edition of Adventures in the Supernormal is newly reprinted with never-before-seen photos. Also included is a short biographical essay about her life after Adventures and a selected bibliography of works by and about Garrett.

Eileen Garrett

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I have a gift, a capacity - a delusion, if you will-which is called "psychic". I do not care what it may be called, for living with and utilizing this psychic capacity long ago inured me from a charlatan to a miracle woman. I am, at least, neither of these. In this book, I hope to tell the reader what I am. It is an answer to literally hundreds of requests for information concerning supernormal perception and how it functions. Nothing that I felt to be pertinent to that understanding has been withheld; nothing not to the point willfully revealed. I have presented the truth as I have seen it.  Eileen J. Garrett

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