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Ghosts of War: Restless Spirits of Soldiers, Spies, And Saboteurs
Jeff Belanger

ABOUT THE BOOK: Full of first-hand battle accounts, historical records, important dates and facts related to the battles, and ghostly evidence, "Ghosts of War" is where history and mystery meet. Ghosts can be found wherever tragedy has left it's mark; where men's and women's lives ended so quickly that their spirits may not even realize that they're dead; where soldiers, so focused on duty, still patrol the front lines of long-finished wars. Phantom Civil War regiments still march through the streets of Harpers Ferry before vanishing into the evening sunset. The beaches of Normandy stillecho with the cries of the thousands of men who gave their lives on D-Day. Wherever battles were fought and people perished, ghost legends have followed. "Ghosts of War" is history through the eyes of witnesses who have experienced ghosts that still haunt the locations where lives were lost.

Jeff Belanger

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeff Belanger leads a very haunted life. In 1999, he launched, which has since grown to become the largest paranormal community on the Web, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Belanger is the author of "The Worlds Most Haunted Places", "The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places", The Nightamer Encyclopedia", and "Our Haunted Lives". He haunts Bellingham, Massachusetts, with his wife, Megan.

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