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JFK is Still Alive
Rochelle Sparrow MSW

ABOUT THE BOOK: "I am going to answer your questions regarding CIA involvement in my assassination. I will expose Bush family members who knew of my murder, planned my murder and created cover-ups to hide the evidence. I will present an historical expose of the joint family powers that abide by the creed of greed, how these families unite in engaging in war for profit and how democracy is unraveled to create economic disaster." -- John F. Kennedy

Rochelle Sparrow MSW

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rochelle is a trained psychotherapist and holds a Masters degree in Social Work. She has over fifteen years of experience helping people heal in a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods. While young, Rochelle suffered sustained traumatic abuse from both of her parents. During her treatment and recovery from post traumatic stress syndrome and clinical depression, Rochelle became very interested in Jungian analysis and shamanic journeying. While attending graduate school, Rochelle joined a Jungian Analysis group as well as a Dream group. Through these experiences, Rochelle developed an in depth, life interest in the workings of the human soul. While continuing her own treatment for several years, Rochelle began her studies into the other world of meditation and astral connection. While on her path to self discovery, Rochelle read numerous books on spiritual healing and shamanic techniques. After ten years of practicing shamanic trance, Rochelle heard a voice, instead of seeing the visions which usually came to her. She soon learned they were her spirit guides and they had names. She credits meditation and the direction she received from her guides with her complete recovery. Rochelle verified these voices that came to her with information by doing "readings" for people. She worked in a new age bookstore and soon developed a clientele. She began to write channeled articles for new age magazines and ezines. Soon, she began writing books. Now, she works full time as a psychic trance channel, author, speaker and media personality.


Rochelle Sparrow P O Box 7573 Phoenix, Arizona 85011-7573 

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