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Is it You! Or is it Spirit?
Jean Kelford

My first book, Oblivious But True, sold well and is still selling. This was and is very encouraging. I did not expect people to be so excited in anticipation for book two. I am really grateful to all my readers and hope that this book will also become a source of inspiration to them.


A closeness of Spirit Guardian Angels answers the question, "Why do pregnant ladies glow?" Also giving reason for the fact that my parents always said that I had an over active imagination, or friends sometimes thought, I was a "strange girl".


As a child, my innocence allowed Spirit to connect more closely with me. This being so, partially because I was never afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night!!
\r\nYou will find many different topics in this book which are naturally either directly or indirectly to do with the Spirit World and the fact that there is no such thing as death. Including some of my childhood and adult adventures getting to know Spirit and the fact that they really do exist. Also true stories of ghost activity, with explanations of how each individual case was handled, thus allowing the lost Spirit to return home to the light. I talk about various sittings telling how Spirit chose to come through to prove to their loved ones that they are genuinely still around and NOT DEAD but alive and well.


Development exercises to help with developing your own gifts and abilities to link with the Spirit side of life. A whole chapter has been dedicated to dreams and their interpretations, divulging what they mean to the person. Read on to find out many of the exciting but sometimes spooky occurrences that have taken place during my lifetime of living with visitors from the other side.

Jean Kelford

Jean Kelford was born in her parents' home in Lingard Road, Sutton Coldfield on 22nd August 1952, where she attended local schools, and Sutton Coldfield college before joining Birmingham Polytechnic. Jean is married to Mike Kelford and has three grown up children, "two daughters and one son," from her previous marriage and two step daughters from her present marriage. She is lucky enough to be blessed with grandchildren and she resides in the West Midlands, which is her base. However, she frequently travels the world, including the whole of the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Ireland alike, demonstrating as an internationally renowned Medium. As such Jean teaches Spiritual development, as well as presenting communication from what appears to be another world? She is in constant demand to appear at Spiritualist Churches, book signings, and large Spiritual events everywhere, and is very highly regarded. Jean is proud to be a member of Sutton Coldfield Spiritualist Church, where she started her development, she, therefore considers the Church to be like home.
\r\nHer life is dedicated to spreading the knowledge that our Spirit lives on, and that after we have left our physical body, we are still connected to one another by the bond of love, which is everlasting and therefore, can and does unite us forever. There is no death, only another state of being, which is assessable by Jean whenever the need arises. She feels that she has been given the ability because the higher powers intend for her to share it with others? She receives proof of survival, information, and guidance, but not instructions because the decision belongs with each individual, for which they have their own personal responsibility. Jean feels that her books will spread the word and help people to know when their loved ones are about.
\r\nJean has been featured in numerous newspapers and Journals "including the Cosmopolitan," throughout the country. She regularly holds workshops, and teach at places like the Baker Foundation in Spain, and the Spiritualist Centre in Belfast. Another teaching tour has been arranged with venues in New York, Virginia, and California.

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